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Nesting: Preparing Parents For Birth

Last week, we discovered a bird had built her nest on our front door wreath - how cool is that?! We have become very invested in this little bird and the four small blue eggs that she has laid at our house (photo below). We even named her Luna (because we found her nest on the day of the Solar Eclipse). 

Lots of googling has taught us that Luna is a house finch and will likely be with us for weeks to come as she prepares for her babies to hatch. It's pretty amazing to see how much work went into building her intricate nest and to watch her daily routine as she awaits their birth. 

I noticed that I had started thinking of Luna like another one of my new mom clients, and I found myself wanting to help prepare her for this upcoming transition. I wanted her to feel loved and supported in any way possible. We even started a meal train! (Just kidding, but I did get her a bird feeder.) 

It got me thinking… 

We often hear the term “nesting” as parents prepare their home for their new babies - putting together the crib, washing the clothes, installing the carseat, organizing and cleaning like never before… the list goes on and on. We can talk about nesting for babies forever… but what about nesting for parents?! What about preparing parents for this huge upcoming change? I recently saw a post that said: 

No one even mentioned it in 9 whole months, not one person said, “You’re about to meet someone entirely new.” And it’s not your baby, it's going to be you. 

I hear some version of this so often from postpartum mamas. Don’t get me wrong, nesting for babies is important. But what if we put as much energy into building a nest for moms? It would have to include a plan for making sure she gets sleep, food to nurture her body in addition to her baby’s, a list of supportive people to call on when needed, the right kind of therapy to process emotions about it all, etc.

Moms really need that kind of nesting. 

I’ve seen the difference this level of nesting and preparation can make for postpartum transitions, and I’m passionate about supporting moms in the ways they need and deserve - both human and bird moms alike!

Written by Marianna Babiolakis, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist


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