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Dads and Couples 

Parents & Couples

Working Together As Parents


Are you struggling as a Dad, as a partner or as a parent? Most parents feel like they have to choose between caring for themselves and being a "good" mom or dad or a good partner. When we sacrifice our own self-care, we get resentful and depleted. But how do we tend to ourselves in the midst of caring for our partners and our children, both of whom seem to require a lot?

It's important not to neglect yourself. And it takes hard work to wear so many hats.


What helps?


  • Connecting with people who get it. 

  • Mindfulness skills to help stay in the present moment;

  • Awareness of the parts of us that are involved in our reactivity: all the ways we try to manage the emotional and physical challenges of parenthood;

  • Leadership skills to bring regulation and insight to our intense feelings;

  • Communication and interpersonal skills to become more effective in all our relationships.


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Dads Support Group

This group is open to dads to share the joys, challenges, questions and expectations of being or becoming a father.

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