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Careers at Family Tree Wellness

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Nestled in the beautiful California Bay Area, Family Tree Wellness, Inc. is a community of helping professionals dedicated to supporting healing for women and their families centered around Perinatal Mental Health. It is our view that mothering is the very heart of our humanity. Within our practice, we are a fun, dynamic and connected group of clinicians who deeply value our relationships with each other. We are committed to working collaboratively toward personal growth, helping improve the health and wellness of our community, and advancing greater social awareness and impact around perinatal mental health issues.

Our Core Values

We Live Our Values: Family Tree Wellness lives by values that guide who we are as a team and how we interact with our communities. We hire employees who bring these values to life!

Creating strong relationships: Building strong, meaningful relationships is a basic need for all of us. We value building relationships internally and within our communities and we support our clients in doing the same. It’s also a hallmark of our business to promote strong, lasting bonds within our team and to work collaboratively both in the office and out in the community.

Serving the community: Part of our mission is to contribute to promoting wellness within the community through offering free and low-cost group therapy, accepting speaking engagements, and offering free community events. It is our goal to reach more people and provide psychoeducational services through regular outreach in the community and online.

Investing in quality: We’re committed to providing the best atmosphere for our clients and our team. Our commitment is seen in our beautiful workspace for our employees and a comforting space for our clients and in offering the extra touches like coffee + tea stations, and a collaborative environment for our team (outside of COVID-times - our practice is fully online for the time being). We promote continuing education for our clinicians through in-house as well as external training in evidence-based practices so clients can receive therapy from informed and aware clinicians and clinicians can continue to be inspired in their work.

Promoting inclusion: We strive to hire clinicians of varying backgrounds, beliefs, and specialties to better serve the diverse and unique experience of our clients. It is critical to us that our practice promotes a foundation of equity and inclusivity in its culture and practice.

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