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Internal Family Systems (IFS): Healing Our Parts

Updated: Mar 6

Family Tree Wellness is an Internal Family Systems informed group therapy practice. But what makes a focus on Internal Family Systems different from traditional therapy?

Internal Family Systems encourages a gentle and compassionate approach towards the parts that exist within a person, acknowledging that there’s inherent, natural and healthy complexity in the human experience. Rather than judging or suppressing the various conflicting parts within, clients are encouraged to get curious about their parts, and move closer to them. This opens the door to greater self-acceptance and open heartedness. At the heart of IFS lies the concept of Self: a field of calm, compassionate, creative energy that exists inherently within each individual. Through IFS therapy, clients develop relationships with their parts, which releases tension and the tight grip most of us have around managing our underlying fears and emotions. As parts release, Self energy naturally emerges, and clients have access to a wealth of juicy internal resources.

Divergence From Pathology: Traditional therapy typically focuses on diagnosing and treating mental health disorders. Clients are often viewed through the lens of their symptoms and treatment focuses on symptom management, suppression or eradication. On the other hand, Internal Family Systems therapy views clients as a collection of parts, each with unique characteristics and functions. These parts can represent beliefs or emotions that developed to protect the Self. Treatment focuses on embracing individual parts with compassion and curiosity and accessing Self energy.

Collaborative Partnership: In traditional therapy, therapists often act as the expert and take on a role of authority figure. Therapists diagnose disorders and prescribe interventions. IFS informed therapists, however, become collaborative partners and help facilitate exploration on the path to individual discovery. Our role is to support clients in developing relationships with their parts and increasing access to Self energy.

At Family Tree Wellness, our therapists have had extensive training in reproductive mental health, along with being skilled in the application of IFS “parts work.” We invite you into a welcoming space and support you in getting friendly with your parts as you navigate the challenges in your life.

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