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Hey sis! How you doing?

Dear Black Mama,

How are you? No, really - how are you? When was the last time someone has really paused to check in on you? Well good news sis, I’m doing that today!

I wanted to ask you how your body has been feeling. Have you noticed any frequent headaches that you just can’t seem to shake? Back pain that doesn’t get better? Or how about any belly concerns, like cramps or an upset stomach? You may be used to dismissing or completely ignoring these things but they may be signs that you could use some additional support during this time.

Tell me about your last good meal. What did you eat? Was it more than just physically nourishing? When we feed ourselves, we fuel our bodies and our minds. In short, what you eat affects your mental health. I truly hope your meals have been plentiful and filling for your mind as well. Oh, and I hope you’re staying hydrated too!

Now, when’s the last time you’ve been outside? Not to run errands or anything of that nature...but truly ventured outside to soak up the sun. To fill your mind, body, and soul with fresh air. I know we’ve talked about this before, but you could always use a good dose of vitamin D!

I know you may not particularly enjoy asking for support. We can thank our moms, grandmas, and aunties for teaching us to “keep on, keeping on.” You can be the beautiful, strong Black mama that you are and have support from others. I hope you know, too, that you do not have to make this journey alone. In fact, there are many other mamas who want to connect with you every first and third Saturday of the month at the Mahogany Support Group! Mahogany is a free offering for mamas like you - to come together, share experiences, and feel understood.

To be clear, you don’t really owe me any details about how you're doing. But I’m asking because I care. And I want you to know that whenever you reach out to me or anyone else in the Family, there will be a listening ear available to hear whatever feelings you are open to sharing.

Just checking in on you sis!


Dr. Qu


Written by Dr. Qu'Nesha Sawyer

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