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What Does A New Mother Need?

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

A new mother and her newborn baby.

A new mother needs:

  • Nutritious Meals

  • Sleep and Rest

  • Help With Chores

  • Love and Kindness

Remember to:

  • Listen and offer support without judgment.

  • Every mom's journey is unique.

Nutritious Meals

Mom's body is recovering from the intense experience of pregnancy and giving birth - and she may be making milk too. Make sure she has plenty of healthy food and water (freeze in advance, meal train and help from family and friends) brought directly to her.

Sleep and Rest

These first few months are dedicated to getting to know baby and to recovering from pregnancy, birth and lack of sleep. Find creative ways to make certain mom is getting good sleep at night and adequate rest during the day (take turns at nights, hire a postpartum doula). Sleep is the most critical component of her wellness.

Help With Chores

Mom's time is best spent caring for herself and her baby. Someone else should take over laundry, cleaning and cooking. Strive to make her life easier so that she can focus on healing and bonding.

Love and Kindness

Mom's body and soul have undergone tremendous change. Ask how she's feeling. If she's suffering, listen open-heartedly, and offer support without judgment. Help her get breaks from parenting, help her find someone to talk to and support her in going to yoga, taking a walk, getting a massage, or going for a doctor visit. Tell mom what a beautiful job she's doing and tell her it's not shameful to struggle. She needs to feel safe and loved.

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