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Shoshie Askren

Licensed Clinical Social Worker 


About Shoshie

Congratulations on taking a giant step on your personal growth journey by coming here!

I became a therapist because I love hearing people’s stories and trying to help them find the way to a deeper connection to themselves. I firmly believe that you know the answers you’re looking for, somewhere deep within you. Together, we can uncover the version of yourself you’d like to be, utilizing the strengths you already have.

Like many of my clients, I’m a working mom of two toddlers, doing my best and sometimes feeling like I’m falling short. My experience as a parent, coupled with my formal education and working in the therapy room for 12 years enables me to understand my clients and their experiences from multiple angles.

I come from an attachment perspective, meaning that I aim to help you explore the ways in which early relationships are currently impacting your life. Much of my experience is with young children and their families, which has shaped and informed my approach to working with adults, and specifically parents. I am certified in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy and Child Parent Psychotherapy. I have experience and interest in life transitions, birth trauma, fertility challenges, parenting and co-parenting challenges, family stress and dyadic/relational work between children and parents.

I received a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Adolescent Development from Cal State University, Northridge and a Masters in Social Work from New York University. 

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