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Priscilla Medina

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist 


About Priscilla

As a child of immigrants, I understand the complexity of navigating cultural challenges within relationships. You desire to honor and cherish your family, yet perhaps your styles and beliefs don't align - and it's hard to fully be yourself. Maybe you've become so used to stifling your own desires, you don't know how to tend to those authentic parts of you anymore. But, tending to your parts without judgement and caring for yourself is integral to creating and sustaining a healthy, joyful family system.

I've discovered that there's a way to honor the ones you love without abandoning yourself. You can recognize others' needs while still taking care of your own. You can safely connect with others while allowing yourself to take up space too. If this is the work you want to do, let’s talk!


For parents: many of us suffer from loneliness and disconnection - from ourselves and our communities. It seems nobody can understand our obsession with sleep schedules, our worries about how we feed our babies or our approach to how we discipline our kids on the playground. Our decisions might draw negative comments and judgement - sometimes even from our loved ones (see above!).


I'm a trauma-informed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist who loves helping people connect with their sense of self AND cultivate meaningful community. My family is from Hong Kong and I'm a Bay Area native. When I'm not working, I'm spending time with my husband and child. I love to dance, sing in the car, and try different ethnic foods.


Areas of Focus:

  • Parenting

  • Parent-child conflict

  • Pregnancy & Postpartum

  • Pre-marital and Discernment counseling

  • Children of Immigrants

  • Cultural Issues

  • Multigenerational Households

  • Spirituality

  • Spiritual Abuse

  • Self-Esteem

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