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Pregnancy requires physical, psychological and spiritual TRANSFORMATION. Gestating and bringing forth human life is an incredible experience, full of hope, joy, fear, discomfort, anger…the whole spectrum of colorful human experience. 


Many needs of pregnant women fail to be met in our modern lives where we often live in isolation, not part of a community of caring others who help nurture and shepherd us into motherhood. Many mamas-to-be don’t receive any loving hands on our depleted, transforming bodies or any attention for our wildly growing hearts that are full of new fears and aspirations.


We live in a culture that objectifies babies and mothers, turning new mother’s bodies into weight-loss projects and babies into status symbols sporting name brand products. It may be difficult to ask for the much needed help that comes with growing a new life.


In reality, pregnant mamas:
  • Need to rely more heavily on the care and support of other people

  • Priorities and identities are dramatically transformed

  • Our physiology and our brains change 

  • May experience difficult emotions that need to be witnessed

We are here to help hold and highlight the soulfulness of this tender, beautiful, elegant, excruciating phase of life.


you are invited to join us


This group is for Californians who would like to connect with other pregnant people in a supportive online group, led by therapists trained in Perinatal Mental Health.

Pregnancy and early motherhood are vulnerable times when you need more support than ever.

Are you feeling:

  • Fear and anxiety about giving birth during a pandemic?

  • Loneliness in being a new mom in isolation?

  • Losses related to having limited contact with others?

Let’s come together online to build positive connections in a warm and caring environment. We will explore all the feelings, develop support systems and create wellness plans — TOGETHER.

Join us.

WHEN: Wednesdays: 12:15pm - 1:15pm


COST: $45 (no one turned away for lack of funds)


WHERE: Online - Zoom


you are invited to join us


Are you pregnant after infertility?
Are you experiencing feelings of anxiety, grief or cautious optimism?
Does your identity feel in limbo?
(No longer fertility challenged - but not the average pregnant woman)

Are you seeking community with other pregnant women who get it?


Open to pregnant women (at any stage in pregnancy) who have utilized reproductive assistance to achieve pregnancy.


Facilitated by Jamie Van Zanen, LCSW

WHEN: Every 1st Thursday of the Month @ 5:30-6:45pm

WHERE: Via Zoom - RSVP for login info

COST: $45 per session (cash, check or credit card)