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IFS practice groups

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Want to be part of a diverse group of IFS practitioners who come together to practice the fundamentals of Internal Family Systems in a respectful, welcoming, inclusive and nurturing environment?

​Join Jessica Sorci, LMFT, PMH-C, (Certified and Level 3 trained) as she and her team of trusty Program Assistants lead these unique gatherings of IFS practitioners who wish to deepen and expand their skills in using IFS to work with clients. Learn to become a better parts detector (and Self detector!) in yourself and in your clients, and to apply powerful unblending techniques as you gain confidence in holding your own Self Energy - even with your most triggering clients. For those interested in getting trained through the IFS Institute, this is an excellent practice space to support your growth and learning in IFS and is suitable for all skill levels.

This practice group is for you if...

  • You find yourself triggered by your clients’ parts

  • You’re getting stuck or confused about the details and steps of using IFS

  • You’re unclear about how to apply or integrate IFS with your clients

  • You want to understand more deeply how parts and internal systems function

  • You’d like to connect meaningfully with IFS colleagues

  • You want to heal your own parts


What you will learn:

  • Getting to know and working with protective systems

  • Accessing Self energy 

  • A didactic exploration of one new IFS concept per block

  • An opportunity to observe, give and receive IFS sessions in small groups, with support

  • Experience guided IFS meditations

Practice groups meet weekly for 4 weeks. All IFS skill levels welcome! Open to therapists and practitioners who want to use IFS with clients.

Sign up for a single block, or feel free to join as many blocks as you'd like. Practice groups meet weekly for 4 consecutive weeks.

Fee: $200 (USD) for 4 weeks