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Workshops for Clients
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The Unique Vulnerability of Perinatal Women as a Portal to Profound Healing

Check out this free mini training in which Jessica and Rebecca discuss their poster which was presented at Postpartum Support International's 2020 Conference. Learn more about:

  • How historical attachment information gets passed down through generations - including relational trauma

  • Why new moms lose their defenses and filters and how this is an opportunity to access and heal old trauma

  • Using Internal Family Systems and Brainspotting to heal Postpartum Depression and Anxiety in new moms

Why Is New Motherhood So Hard?!

Check out this free mini training in which Jessica and Rebecca discuss:

  • How mom's nervous system sets up baby's nervous system and the dramatic changes involved

  • What's the difference between transformative growth and PPD?

  • The biology of new motherhood and attachment - brain changes!

  • What kind of support do new moms need?

  • What gets in the way of a smooth transition for new moms?

Survival Kit for New Moms

Do you know what kind of support you will need once your baby arrives?

Planning in advance for how you will get that support makes a huge difference in mom's emotional and physical wellness. Spend a little time here, thinking about these critical components of your new life and writing down all your solutions in advance, before you're sleep deprived!

Let us help you prepare - so you can feel your very best
in the early weeks and months of new motherhood.

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