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New Moms Circle


Are you a new mom seeking community and postpartum support?


The postpartum period for a new mom can feel overwhelming and isolating. There are so many changes, and usually very little preparation for what you REALLY need when a baby enters your life. We designed Thriving: New Moms Circle to create community among pregnant and new mothers, all centered around exploring needs and completing a comprehensive postpartum plan.

Thriving: New Moms Circle meets in person at Family Tree Wellness every Wednesday from 10-11:15 am PST to connect new moms together and explore self-compassionate ways to build resilience in the early months and years of motherhood through identifying and getting the right kind of support.

Can’t attend live? No problem! You can sign in virtually and get the support you need from the comfort of your own home.

When you’re part of Thriving: New Moms Circle, you’ll be lovingly guided through our Survival Kit For New Moms,  a workbook created by Jessica Sorci, LMFT, PMH-C and Rebecca Geshuri, LMFT, PMH-C. The workbook dives deep into topics that new moms are often left to navigate alone, including all the Weird Sh*t That Happens, finding ways to Sleep, how to Feel Better when you're down, the ways our relationships change with Dads and Partners, and more…!

When you sign up, you decide which topic to dive into and when. Two exclusive Community-Connect Days are used for the facilitating therapist to invite guest speakers and to hold space for whatever topics the group wants to chat about.

The session topics cycle through 10 weeks and generally follow this schedule:

  1. Weird Sh*t That Happens

  2. Sleep

  3. Places To Go

  4. Food

  5. Exclusive Community-Connect Day

  6. My Team

  7. Feel Better

  8. Dads and Partners

  9. Resources

  10. Exclusive Community-Connect Day

Participants of Thriving: New Moms Circle must be California residents.

Not in the Golden State area? You can still purchase the Survival Kit For New Moms and go through the workbook on your own. Or better yet, create your own circle and share with other mamas.

Fee: $45 per meeting (in-person or virtually) 


  • Survival Kit For New Moms workbook

  • Admission to 1 meeting session (choose what topic you’d like to dive into with us OR come to an exclusive Community-Connect day)

Thriving Bundle: $399 (10 meetings included - a $51 savings!)

  • Survival Kit For New Moms workbook

  • Eight meeting sessions (dive into each topic and choose when you want to attend) 

  • Entry to 2 exclusive Community-Connect meetings

  • Special video series from authors Jessica and Rebecca about the Survival Kit For New Moms sent straight to your inbox


Marianna Babiolakis

Associate Marriage & Family Therapist 

(supervised by Dani Salzer, LMFT #102811) 


Jennifer Del Vecchio


Client Care Coordinator

Meet the Thriving: New Moms Circle facilitators

Connect with new moms and feel empowered in a safe and encouraging space. Register for Thriving: A New Moms Circle today.

Purchase the Survival Kit For New Moms and go through the workbook on your own.

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