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Siing McBroom

Associate Clinical Social Worker


About Siing

Parenthood can be the most precious AND the most challenging time in a person's life. I have a great deal of compassion for parents who are struggling with redefining and expanding their marriage/partnership through the process of trying to conceive and becoming parents. Navigating the joys, expectations and disappointments that loss and infertility brings can catapult even the most secure individual into an emotional vortex. It’s a wild ride, and you deserve informed, caring, nonjudgmental support. You are not alone. You don’t have to suffer alone.  


I have worked with families, caregivers, individuals and couples journeying through the complexities of the lifespan continuum, from birth into end of life processing.  I have personally experienced the impact of deep loss. I understand the pain, trauma, vulnerability and loneliness death can bring. I have also seen the beauty that comes when closure and meaning is realized. 


I am here to listen, to help you process, to identify what you need at this very moment. Human suffering can be one of the most profound and transformative times of healing, if given the safety and space to reflect and be witnessed.  I am here to offer that space and that safety.  I am here to help. 

Areas of focus:

POC experiences

Adapting to the landscape of being in multicultural/mixed race families

Living with Multigenerational families systems & its cultural and social impact on the family unit

Building intimacy & connection in relationship

Navigating joys and challenges of parenthood

Journeying through life & role transitions

Processing impact of miscarriage and loss

Depression, anxiety and trauma (general mood disorders)

Working with individuals and couples 

Interpersonal neurobiology

Therapeutic Interventions:

Internal Family Systems

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Relational Life Therapy



I received a Bachelor of Arts at Oakland University in 2006 specializing in Communications and a Master of Science in Social Work at University of Southern California in 2016 specializing in Health. 

Associate Clinical Social Worker #76000; Supervised by Jamie Van Zanen, LCSW #61669

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