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Becoming a mother is a massive transformation. It's a deconstruction of who you were and a reconstruction of who you are becoming, which includes a different biology, a different body, a different awareness and a different value system. Transforming from "pregnant woman" to "mother" is a process, and it involves real growing pains.

So much changes in our bodies, minds and souls when we become mothers. Our hearts crack open and surprising feelings come rushing in and out at full speed. Some of those feelings are wonderful: love, connection and pride may literally flood your system. And some feelings are uncomfortable and may be scary in their intensity or frequency. Most women experience anxiety in early motherhood - and that's understandable, given the fact that we are suddenly responsible for keeping a helpless, needy little nonverbal creature alive 24/7. And nearly every mom feels immense pressure and guilt.

That's where we can help.


Since becoming a mama,


Are you experiencing sadness, worry or scary thoughts?


Do you have physical symptoms like sleeplessness, aches, or anger?

New moms need mothering. We approach new mamas with the recognition that women need deeply attuned and responsive care during the intensely transformative, dramatic whirlwind of matrescence. (Matrescence: the developmental period that births a mother.)  As therapists specializing in Maternal Mental Health, we are here to normalize, educate, advocate for and offer TLC to mothers.

Would you like to meet with a caring therapist who knows this territory well and respects and understands what you're going through?

All Family Tree Wellness therapists have completed specialized training in Maternal Mental Health from PSI and 2020 Moms along with completing our in-house Family Tree Wellness training on Matrescence and Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders.

Mother Playing with Baby

you are invited to join us


Do you feel sometimes like you aren't cut out to be a mother?

Do you have conflicting feelings about your baby?

Do you sometimes have unwanted thoughts, anxiety, panic, sadness or worry? 

Join us in a safe, confidential setting designed to nurture you and create supportive connections between mothers.


This is a FREE - weekly drop-in support group

Every Thursday from 10am - 11:15am


The Adjusting to Motherhood support group is run by Family Tree Wellness therapists, and is generously provided for free by Supporting Mamas. 


If you have any questions, please contact Cheryl Hart at


Thank you and see you soon!