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The Fertility Chair: Resolve’s National Infertility Awareness Week 2021

Infertility affects one in eight couples in the United States. Whether it’s female factor, male factor or a combination of both- infertility is a disease. If you identify as one in eight, please know that you are not alone and Family Tree Wellness is here to support you.

Living with fertility challenges can impact one’s mental, physical and spiritual well-being, and it can lead to significant feelings of isolation.

Please join us as we celebrate Resolve’s (The National Infertility Association) annual movement to enhance public understanding of fertility challenges, ensure that those seeking reproductive assistance know how and where to go, and educate state lawmakers about the impact of infertility.

Over the course of the week, April 18-24th, we will be showering our Family Tree Wellness social media with fertility facts, education around seeking fertility counseling, ways to support a loved one living with fertility challenges and how to join our FREE Fertility Support Groups. So throw on some orange and join the movement with us!

For more information regarding NIAW 2021 check out,, or hashtags #NIAW2021 and #WhatIWantYouToKnow.


Written by Jamie Van Zanen, LCSW

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