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Suzanne McKenna, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist!

Awww licensure! The long-awaited completion of my journey to licensure is over and it was hard won, for sure. There have been thousands of hours of work, papers, exams, role-plays and supervision to get me to this place. Some might say, Suzanne, you did it and now you can rest. And I will say, no way, because I'm just getting started! Life is a journey and not a destination we get to. I share this with my clients often, as us humans tend to believe: once I do this or accomplish that, I will feel worthy, I will be happy. But what if feeling happy is not the goal of this life? What if it really is all about feeling what we feel in every moment of life, truly being present with what exists in this moment? What if that is what it is all about? Well then, does that mean that we won’t strive to achieve anymore? I don’t think so. I think it just means that we will be alive and present all along the way in our lives, through the ups and downs that always come.

Here at Family Tree Wellness, I've found that I love to walk alongside my clients on their journey of life, encouraging them to love themselves and to bring more present awareness into their lives - now. I truly believe this is how we can find peace and contentment in our lives and that it is not about the next achievement that is “going to make me feel worthy or happy,” but our acceptance of what is happening in the present moment.

So, am I currently happy (maybe thrilled) that I have completed a 5-year goal? You bet! But it doesn’t stop here for me. I know that life is about constant learning and growing and that is where you will find me. I will continue to dig deep into my Self to provide the best space for you to do the same.


Written by Suzanne McKenna, LMFT(!)

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