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How to Build A Secure Attachment to Your New Baby

What is a Secure Attachment?

To form a secure attachment, babies need mothers who respond appropriately and promptly - much of the time. Baby's sense of security can be understood as an expectation that mom will be available in times of discomfort and stress.

Mothering is very hard work.

Moms require a great deal of support in order to be physically and emotionally available to their babies. Kindness and care for new moms helps create security in babies. Secure babies grow up to be healthier adults, capable of relating with kindness and contributing positively in the world.

Supporting mothers is vital for humanity.

Here are some ways to build a secure attachment:

  • Slow down

  • Make eye contact

  • Touch

  • Motion: Holding baby rocking, swaying or bouncing

  • Watch and respect baby's rhythms: active play and quiet time

  • Recognize that your baby has their own story:

- be curious about their responses

- respond with empathy

- don't take baby's feelings personally

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