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Do You Belong?

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Did you feel like you belonged in your family as a child? Do you feel seen and understood and accepted as you walk through the world? Have you wrestled with beliefs about what’s wrong with you/what’s wrong with them, or feelings of loneliness, grief, anger, inferiority or superiority as you attempt to join or participate in groups and communities? Most of us have questions about our belonging, and the experience of not belonging is at the root of so much of our suffering.

Family Tree Wellness recently launched what we call a Belonging Group, where people meet weekly (online) to connect meaningfully around the topic of belonging…and not belonging. This group goes deep and gets real. Participants are guided and supported to notice the parts of them that interfere with connection as well as the little parts that long for connection and hold hurt and fear from past experiences. While we cannot control other people, we can dramatically heal and improve how we relate to the voices inside of us that broadcast messages of not belonging and perpetuate pain from the past. Here’s what the group is collectively learning and embracing:

  • We attempt to protect ourselves by blaming, distancing, controlling, criticizing, etc.

  • Beneath the protective defenses we are all vulnerable and innocent

  • We can appreciate and liberate our protective parts

  • We can trust ourselves

The Belonging Group is a powerfully transformative group experience with an initial 8 week commitment. We are currently building a waitlist for a new group, expected to start in August. Please email if you have questions or you’d like to join the waitlist.


Written by Jessica Sorci, LMFT

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