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Day Camp for Moms


Are you a mom in the early stages of motherhood who could use some meaningful care and connection? We know how hard you work, how much you worry, how depleted you can feel, and we have created a space for you. 

Come get an infusion of kindness at Nurture, our "day camp" for moms. Here's what you can expect each day:

  • therapist led support group​​

  • art or movement activity (let's do some creative expression)

  • support for reducing shame and increasing self-compassion

  • nutritious drinks and snacks

Nurture meets every Monday , Wednesday and Friday (begins in Winter, 2021/2022) 


$60 per day 

Calling all moms! No matter what stage of motherhood you’re in - you need nurturing, just like your kids. Your baby gets most of the attention and resources - from providers, family members and the general public. Meanwhile, you, the new mama, are frequently neglected. New moms can feel so isolated and alone, in a sea of repetitious baby-care, with no time or space dedicated to their own wellbeing and inner tending. 


We've got the answer!


FTW is launching a new "day camp” for moms called “NURTURE”, where moms of babies under 2 years are invited to connect with each other, be infused with compassion, care and curiosity and learn from a light curriculum that weaves evidence-based treatment modalities into a friendly group atmosphere. With snacks. Babes in arms are also welcome. 

* must register in advance/no drop-ins

* babes in arms are welcome

Single Black Moms, Black Mothers


Family Tree Wellness (#1000049) is approved by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists to sponsor continuing education for LMFT’s, LCSW’s, LPCC’s and LEP’s. Family Tree Wellness maintains responsibility for the program and all its content.


Grievances: To obtain the grievance policy or report a grievance please email or call (408) 345-5572

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