Emma Rouda

Associate Clinical Social Worker

About Emma

We deserve peace. Peace in our homes, our relationships, and within our own minds. For most of my career, I have focused on supporting people whose lives had been disrupted by sexual and relationship abuse. 


Moving into the realm of supporting people who are experiencing changes in their family, I am thrilled to use many of these same strategies of empowerment, healing, and cultivation of self-compassion. 


We are often held to unreasonable standards in this life – from society, from others, and from ourselves. Many of us find it is easy to be kind to others, but impossible to turn that same kindness inward. 


Together we will transform the overly critical voice of self-blame most of us experience to a voice of truth and self-compassion. We will learn how to have profound love, respect, and patience for who we are and how we interact in our world.   



Masters of Social Welfare & Masters of Public Health – UC Berkeley

Bachelors of Arts, Feminist Studies – UC Santa Cruz


Associate Clinical Social Worker #94548; Supervised by Jessica Sorci, LMFT #53881

431 Monterey Ave, Suit 7, Los Gatos CA | (408) 345-5572

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