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Betsy (Elizabeth)Williams

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

About Betsy

Becoming a parent changes everything. Whether trying to conceive or in the trenches of raising children, each step along the way taps into fundamental values we hold and can test the expectations we have for ourselves and our lives. In my own transition to motherhood, I found that nothing really prepared me for how my life changed, or for how my upbringing and support system impacted me as I took on this new identity. It was a time of deep reflection, both with my first child, as I integrated “mom” into my identity, as well as with my second, when our family expanded from three to four.

Do you find yourself lost or uncertain in your role as a parent? Perhaps you feel anxious or defeated, or maybe you wonder how you will make it all work – how you can possibly wear your mom (or dad!) hat AND any (or all!) of the other hats you used to wear? I would love to talk with you and learn about your experience. I am passionate about helping others find greater peace, clarity, and satisfaction in life, and I believe that the parenthood journey provides a unique time for this kind of personal growth.

I work from a Family Systems and Attachment perspective, with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and elements of Emotionally Focused Therapy woven in as well. I have a background in high tech and understand the pressures of this area and how they can impact our well-being. I firmly believe in the power of therapy to untangle our concerns and illuminate hope and would be honored to join you in doing so.

M.A., Counseling, Palo Alto University

M.S., Statistics, Stanford University

B.S., Mathematical and Computational Sciences, Stanford University

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #114808; Supervised by Jessica Sorci, LMFT #53881

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