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As a hospice social worker for nearly ten years I provided anticipatory grief and loss support, resource navigation and end of life care and guidance for patients and their families. I then decided to make a U-turn to the start of life following the birth of my own motherhood. I now provide therapeutic support to individuals and couples coping with fertility challenges, pregnancy, postpartum mood disorders, and beyond.

The similarities between the beginning and end of life continues to astound me. Changing roles and identities; feelings of anxiety, depression and grief; the importance of caring for the caregiver; both the fragility and resilience that is built into every human; the transitions from womb to life and from life to death; and ultimately the art of living with the unknown…

As one who is intimately familiar with personal loss, infertility and motherhood, I find it an absolute honor when given the opportunity to walk beside another through her (or his!) journey of uncertainty and hope. I am especially passionate about working with individuals and couples exploring and or/undergoing fertility treatment and all that ensues- physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I am a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine: Mental Health Professional Group. I received a B.A. in Psychology and a B.A. in Asian American Studies at University of California, Santa Barbara, and a Master of Social Work at San Jose State University.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW #61669


Becoming a therapist is a calling for me – but it took me a long while to get here.  I’ve worked in high tech, customer service, community relations, taught drama, movement and prenatal yoga.  I’ve done my own personal soul searching, through therapy, yoga, meditation, spirituality, reading, and the list goes on.  As a mom and a partner, I’ve struggled with loss, fertility, parenting and identity, not to mention how to balance it all in this fast-paced world.

All of these things are pieces to a puzzle – they all fit together to shape me into the therapist – and person -- I want to be.  Perhaps as you’re reading this, you are considering your own puzzle pieces – all of the strengths and struggles and experiences that make you who you are. 

I strongly believe that my clients are the leaders of their own journey, and that they have the strength and the power to heal.  My job is to help illuminate the path to discovery and find meaning in life’s accomplishments and challenges.

With my clients, I work on a holistic and transpersonal level, meaning that the mind, body and spirit – and the world -- are intertwined and connected. I always take a mindful, non-judgmental, person-centered approach – ebbing and flowing with what the client needs in the present moment.

Areas of particular interest are: grief and loss, life transitions, attachment struggles, birth stories – your own or your child’s, prenatal & postpartum transitions, parenting challenges, anxiety & depression and group work.

M.A., Holistic Counseling Psychology, John F. Kennedy University
B.A., Drama, University of California, Irvine
Whole Birth ® Prenatal Yoga Teacher Certification

Registered Marriage & Family Therapy Intern, IMF# 90402. 

Supervised by Jessica Sorci, LMFT #53881



Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern

Rebecca Geshuri

Jamie Van Zanen, LCSW

I aspire to meet parents wherever they are in their evolving journey of parenthood. Maybe you're a new mom adjusting to motherhood for the first time, maybe your child recently received a diagnosis, or maybe you have a second little one on the way. I’m passionate about providing support and guidance through the many transitions of parenthood.
I specialize in supporting parents of children with special needs.  I began my career as a behavioral therapist working with kids with developmental delays nearly a decade ago. With that experience, I now guide parents in understanding their child's diagnosis and unique needs, navigating difficult behaviors, implementing positive reinforcement strategies, and increasing coping skills, support, and resources.
After becoming a mom for the first time myself two years ago, I found an additional passion- supporting new moms in adjusting to motherhood.  For many women, this transition is full of highs and lows and having someone to help you navigate the hills and valleys can be invaluable.
I received my B.A. from San Jose State University and my M.S. in Counseling Psychology from California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks California.
LMFT #91146


Jessica Sorci, LMFT


CLINICAL associate

Shannon Feldman, LMFT

I believe in the power of psychotherapy to transform lives.  I'm passionate about helping women and their families during what I consider to be one of the most vulnerable and critical periods of life - early motherhood.  I continue to expand and challenge my own mind, body and spirit through my personal work, play and exploration, which is vital to my ability to work effectively with others in a healing capacity.  Like many of my clients, I'm a working mother, finding my way as I go, struggling and cherishing, triumphing and feeling overwhelmed at times. 

Areas of particular interest and ongoing study include meditation and mindfulness, yoga and somatic modalities of healing, neuroscience, creative expression, spirituality, pregnancy, postpartum adjusting, blended families and parenthood - as well as all of the relational and attachment struggles that emerge between people who matter to each other.  I work with individuals and couples in my practice and I facilitate a variety of unique groups and offerings on the subject of motherhood. I specialize in the following:

* prenatal and postpartum transitions
* parenting
* marital challenges (including separation and divorce)

* blended families
* depression
* anxiety (intrusive thoughts and preoccupation)
* attachment & relational struggles (failure to connect with others, destructive, painful "love")

* trauma

* learning to love yourself

I received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of California at Los Angeles and a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University.

LMFT #53881

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